Murken Hansen 

Dresing Shaker and Salt and Pepper mills

We designed the Batido family for WMF combining a glass body with ABS plastic parts. The dressing shaker is used like a rattle, so the top part is also the handle for shaking. Also the mills are highly functional with a ceramic grinder. As the opening in on top you will never again have salt or pepper on your table.

Kitchen Gadgets 

We designed the Steinhöfel series for supermarkets. It is a supplement to our knife series and is a range with reasonable prices for everyday use. The first lines went to Canada and the cooking label Ricardo.

Felt product made of recycled PET 

For Pieperconcept we designed a range of different deep drawn felt products that are made of recycled PET bottles. Of course it would be better not to buy that bottles anymore but as they are there we can make something useful out of them... This item is called Kata.

Modern Tea Egg 

For the danish brand QDO we designed many different products as for example this tea egg that is a hybrid between spoon and tea egg, that why it is named Tea Spoon. It consists of two parts linked by magnetism that can be separated for filling and cleaning.

Precision Kettle 

This is a precision kettle belonging to the Groove series we did for QDO. It is for Coffee or Tea lovers that want to have control over their result. For example perfect for pour over coffee. Of course there are some hidden features, so it will word for all kind of ovens and it has a rest for the lid when filling in water.