Murken Hansen 



Conic table family

The Conic tables we designed for the german company COR consists of big dining tables in different shapes and side tables in different heights. Colours can be customised. The table cones itself consists of Kristalplant: a very heavy and resilient kind of mineral cast material which lets your table stand stable and solid on the ground.


Olivo Sidetable  

The Olivo side table for Pieperconcept has a patented height adjusting. By inclining the aluminium cast table top you can adjust the height to your needs and also turn the table top freely in 360 degrees. Thanks to the steel base it will stand solidly and on the same time it is not too heavy to carry it around to lounge chair or sofa. 

Workout wall secretary  

The patented mechanism allows you to easily adjust the writing plane in sitting and standing height. When closed there is plenty of storage space to store your laptop and office accessories inside. On top of the secretary there is place for your favourite books or magazines.


Malo Sidetable  

The Malo side table for Pieperconcept has one fixed and two revolvable table tops that allows you to open or close the table as a blossom. When closed it is small and easy to carry, when open you have a lot of space for all you need near the sofa or lounge chair. Made of powder coated steel this furniture will serve you for many years.


Chair and Sofa family Rubie  

For the company Freifrau we designed a range of chairs and sofas: our Rubie family. It consists of chairs with different bases and different armrests: high, low and without armrests, barstools, lounge chairs and sofas. Our aim was to achieve the ultimate comfort, so the chairs have a complex inside construction. You will feel it when you test it...


Designing a whole collection

For the company Pieperconcept we did most of their product range and designed many successful products that are getting sold in many different places and countries.